Week of September 3rd Update


Hi everyone! Sorry for being away so long. I've been busy building stock for my upcoming shows and festivals. Check out the Events page for dates. 

I've added 3 new items today, all can be used as photo albums or journals. The pages are a lighter card stock that I'm very fond of because it can take photos and ephemera, as well as just writing and even drawing. 



Week of June 26th New Items!


Hi everyone! This is just a quick overview of the new items added this week. I'm back from a weekend long art fair in Atlanta and trying to get back in the swing of things. 

New Handmade Ephemera Packs 



Hope everyone has a great week! 

This Week's New Journals

Hello everyone! This is just a quick preview of the new journals available this week. These are 7 x 9 inches with thick, smooth writing paper perfect for fountain pens, gel pens or flair tips. I will try to continue to do a short preview of new releases here every week. These should be at the top of the shop page right now. Sorry the first one is sideways! Hope everyone's having a great week! 



New Pens Available!

Hello everyone in journaling/planner land! I've just got some new pens in and they are available for purchase.

I have several new erasable gel pens (noted in listing). All have blue ink. A couple of them have friction erasers on the top of the pen, but the others require an eraser pen (available separately).

I also have listed a set of non erasable with black or red ink. 

New fountain pen sets! The pink and blue floral sets are metal instead of plastic. These are nice, heavier pens that can be used with refill cartridges or liquid bottled ink.

Traditional Indian Block Printing

Since I was about 14 years old, I've been obsessed with block prints. It all began when I walked into a head shop at the beach with the most beautiful Indian "tapestries" hanging from the ceiling. I left that day with a white one with pink and blue floral block printing. It hung from the ceiling over my bed for many years before becoming my favorite blanket. I still have it, but it has been used and washed so many times, it now has many holes in it. I also have several more that I now use. They are wonderful for summer time bedding or just curling up on the couch to read. 

Ephemera Organization

I have a weakness for all things paper... Ever wonder about all of the extras and goodies included in my junk journals? I have finally organized all of them on my workbench for easy access when creating. 

I print and then cut them while watching tv at night. I always have a lot to choose from for a project. These will be used up pretty quickly because I really load up my junk journals. That's ok, I will just make more! I love looking at all those little pieces and ribbons! Enjoy your day! 

What's on my workbench?

Happy Monday everyone! I've been working hard in the studio the past couple of weeks or so. I've got a show coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm trying to get my stock built up.